We believe in the power of education. When chosen correctly, it can do wonders and significantly impact your child's future. Through our expertise and dedication, we can guide you in selecting the best education options for your child, making their learning journey both engaging and enjoyable.
To empower them with fundamental knowledge and key skills.

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For decades, English schools have maintained a strong reputation for educational quality and academic excellence. These institutions genuinely help children in developing skills and gaining necessary independence. When it comes to selecting a school for your child, there are endless factors to take into account. How do you pick the best school for your child, one that will maximise their strengths and characteristics? And how do you cope with all the complexities and find the perfect one in the ocean? Almanax experts will help you to understand and navigate the British school system.
At Almanax, we keep up with the dynamic nature of the admissions process to ensure accurate information and effective advising sessions with our students.
We also play a key role behind the scenes of your child's admission process. The team will do the necessary analyses and develop a strategy based on evaluating and balancing several factors all at once, such as your child's abilities, interests, accomplishments, career vision, and time available to prepare for admission. In the end, you will have a fully personalised strategy for university admission that will allow your child to reach their full potential.
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When parents make the important decision to invest in overseas education for their child, they are offering them a unique opportunity and a life-changing experience.
To help with that Almanax has guardianship services offered by a selected team of experienced and caring individuals. Almanax counsellors will support your child in all kinds of situations and will share their own personal and professional experiences. Our mentorship services solely focus on academic and personal development, while guardianship also monitors pastoral and logistical matter. We maximise the most important investment - in your family capital.
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An Almanax tutor is a mentor who serves as a subject tutor, mentor, and coach all at the same time. Our tutors do not help you in simply memorising material, but rather in understanding it thoroughly. All of our tutors are native English speakers who have grown up speaking the language and have gone through the British educational system themselves. Searching for a tutor to help your child prepare for exams, school or university entry? Here at Almanax, we know who to recommend. And we are very particular about matching our tutors to not only learning goals, but to the characters of our tutees.
Short courses and seasonal summer camps allow one to experience what it is like to study in the UK while also preparing for entering schools and universities. With a vast variety of programmes available, you are sure to find something that suits you perfectly. The most popular course formats are language camps and courses focusing on specific professions. They provide students with immersive experiences in a real-life setting that help them enhance their language skills and understand particular career paths better. Those who attend such professional summer courses tend to choose degrees and universities with ease. Need something a little more out of the ordinary? We have plenty of ideas for you!
In order to choose a High school programme or university, each family not only need to be informed about degrees and institutions. No less important is gaining a good understanding of their child. Something which often gets overlooked: what the child is fit for, what their strengths are, and what occupation would suit them best. It is also important to keep in mind how relevant the chosen profession still is, and whether it will allow the graduates to stand firmly on their feet. With the help of our three-step system, we assist you in developing a deeper understanding of your child, picking their future job field, and shifting from a state of search to a more defined educational and career strategy.

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