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There are countless opportunities for world-class education available in the UK, Europe, and the US, including schools, institutions, and short courses. How do you know what is best for your child?
Almanax Education Consulting will become your ultimate guide. Our team helps children receive academic knowledge, acquire valuable skills, and, most importantly, gain priceless life experiences. We believe that a solid education is only one of many elements of success. And this is why…
Academic knowledge has an expiry date: what we were taught at school is gradually becoming outdated as science advances. We believe that in education, acquiring skills for future lifelong independent learning and self-development is just as important as studying academic materials. That is why Almanax ensures that your child not only succeeds at school, but also has experiences that shape their personality.We are experts in making each step of education efficient and enjoyable, and we're here to share that expertise with you.

Providing personalized service through one-on-one instruction with the tutor. More than just "homework help," your tutor will teach you to be organized and manage your workload. Then they'll hold you accountable so you won't have to worry about falling behind.
Dear Students, Parents, Partners and Friends

My name is Julia Kolbasova. I am the founder and visionary behind the special approach we use at Almanax to ensure every child leaves their educational journey equipped for a successful life. I have been in the field of international education for the past 16 years. My experienced and dedicated team have been a gateway to educational and development opportunities for hundreds of international families.

Education in the UK is not a question of luck. It is the outcome of a customised strategy and a personal approach to every child. Every one of our clients receives the highest level of expertise. We do not favour standard generic solutions, as we understand that no two families or children are the same. We begin the process of choosing schools and programmes only after a personal conversation with you and your child, as well as a thorough analysis of your child's character, strengths and weaknesses, and academic achievements. Our team only selects strategies that will be comfortable for the child and will allow them to reach their full potential. We are based in London and I often joke that we do not just "post" children off to England; we accept them on this small island, which may become a second home to them, whether for two weeks or two years.
We are honored to have chosen to impact the lives and futures of hundreds of children, and we are thrilled to be making a difference.

Julia Kobasova
Almanax Founder and Director
Our values
Similar services are provided by other companies — we know what makes us stand out according to our clients.
Our values and work ethics make us unique. We strive to be objective and realistic, open in our communication, and professional in our approach. We stay wholeheartedly committed to your child's development. So, how exactly do we put these values into action?

We have four core beliefs that have always served as the backbone of our company:
Student interest
We only find optimal institutions for a particular student with their profile, their interests and their future at heart.

We promote all-round development of students' abilities and personalities to empower them for a quality life ahead.

We guarantee exceptional expertise that match the demands and preferences of our clientele. We ourselves never stop learning and developing.

Our commitment to confidentiality is a top priority in all of our interactions with clients. Our team is committed to providing consistent and dependable service to ensure our clients can rely on us in educational matter.


level of expertise
and reliability


Almanax Team
At Almanax we have a well equipped and committed client relations team to assist you with any queries that you may have.
Julia Kolbasova
Founder and Director
Anna Averkina-Needle
Head of Consultancy
Natalia Vozjova
Higher Education Consultant
Alexey Trubetskoy
Head of Almanax Tuition
Alexandra Fukelman
Client manager at Almanax Tuition
Kristina Demarchuk
Team Leader
Ksenia Tsvetkova
Educational Consultant
Anna Evtifeeva
Educational Consultant
Anastasia Mukhtarova
Educational Consultant
Elmira Eminova
Administrative assistant
at Almanax Tuition
Irina Tatarnikova
Accounting manager
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